Three Thriller Books Now on Audio That Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seats

The Overton Window by Glen Back and read by James Daniels, will give you 8 hours of enthralling listening. Everything points to this being a ripper of a book. A Fun entertaining intelligent author with a wry sense of humor who hopes his little book ” costs you as much sleep listening to it, as it cost him, creating it ” Love it!

This is nothing less than Americas future at stake in a massive government led conspiracy that will change American lives forever. A ripping thriller yarn that gives us deeper things to think about, for example the way mass media is used to control our lives and manipulate out understandings. One listener is so enthusiastic, he says he is sending everyone he knows a copy of the book! You will enjoy this one, and in case you still have doubts, the author Glen Back has written five back to back New York Times best sellers. Hard to beat that as a track record.

The Passage is by author Justin Cronin, and read by Scott Brick. A full 36 thirty six hours of listening to follow this epic journey. A contemporary life odyssey propelled initially by a military experiment gone wrong, that divides the people of a devastated land into two primal groups, the hunters and the hunted.

This is a powerful novel that receives high praise from one of the foremost story tellers of our time, Stephen King no less, and I quote just a little from the master ” read fifteen pages and you will be captivated: read thirty and you will be taken prisoner… read this book and the ordinary world disappears ”

Nothing more needs to be said after words like that, except I should add, its also beautifully read by Scott Brick. A real winner of a audio book. You wont be disappointed.

The Lion
Author, Nelson DeMille and reader Scott Brick. Fifteen hours of great entertainment, Hang onto your seats for this one. The Lion is a contemporary thriller, set in New York, the cops this time being members of a special anti – terrorist unit, plus there’s FBI agents in mix, and of course a deadly assassin recently returned to America to continue his murderous agenda. Now honestly, what more could you want?

This is the fifth is a series that follows the exploits of the wise cracking alpha male hero of the stories, John Cory. The books are solid and as a result, they have developed a loyal fan base who eagerly await the next enthralling adventures of John Cory. Fans who write reviews, give this latest book by Nelson DeMille a solid thumbs up and it’s well read by Scott Brick, the inspired reader of The Passage. A big tick for this book an audio, for those who enjoy this genre.

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