Stories of the Famous Fictional History Books

Fictional history is a section of a novel based on real facts but the storyline being an imagination of the author only. It confuses some readers but it is a good strategy to incite interest and gain a following.

It may be based on real past events yet the story itself was revised such that it is still classified as fictional. Fictional history has been made timeless and endearing to all the people. It greatly influences the beliefs formed in the minds of the readers or viewers.

It can be squeezed into a novel or any short story as a way also to inform readers of what happened before. They may be reading something fictional, yet factual at the same time. Some might not be fond of history when reading it straight from an academic book, but will enjoy it more if these facts are inserted in his favorite book.

Fictional history recounts the real events that happened in history while changing some settings or deviating from the real phenomenon to suit his writing. These stories are real but the characters of the said stories are all fictional.

One famous example is that of William Tell, a Swiss patriot. William Tell is a fictional character but his story is based on real life. There is one man who really existed at one point in time who did the things that were recounted in the tale. The author was probably inspired by William Tell that he based his story writing on the Swiss patriot.

Some of these books are turned into movies. The most popular are The Lord of the Rings and The Harry Potter Chronicles. These books are in series of stories and are bestseller books worldwide. Many people have read them and have enjoyed watching the movie versions also.

The Lord of the Rings is one long fictional history whose story has been imbibed in almost everyone’s mind. The Harry Potter may be fictional but it tries to impart real life values that children and adults like will learn from. This book simply is showing that kids can do a lot of things with their mind and power if only they use both in a wiser way.

Merlin is another fictional history which is about famous magicians. Another bestseller book that was subjected to debates is The Da Vinci Code. It was then followed by another best seller book entitled The Angels and Demons. The author Dan Brown tried to weave his own story while inciting passages from the bible. A lot of readers were confused if he was telling a factual or fictional story that he received the ire of the Catholic Church.

As stated earlier, there are many other fictional history books available in the market these days. There are actually millions of them. They have been a part of out lives for many years now. It gives reading a new flavor, and we learn more about the world around us.

Just like the two controversial books of Dan Brown, the controversy somehow did something positive if only because it stirred the people’s curiosity and made them research on their own what is true and what is not.

There are other famous fictional history authors that are famous in the world today. Some of these are Christopher Hart, Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell. Christopher Hart used the pseudonym William Napier and he was famous of his story entitled The Scourge of God aka Attila. Conn Iggulden was known for his emperor series while Bernard Cornwell was famous of the 12 books of European Campaigns of Sharpe.

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Stories of the Famous Fictional History Books